Shake those Booties

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling some serious solidarity with our WAG sisters as they face the biggest moments of their significant others’ lives: FIFA World Cup 2014. Don’t panic team, this isn’t a “sports exclusive” post (I mean come on!) but, the exotic location (Brazil), the amount of hotties on the pitch and the amount of money spent on it all make for something that The Lucky Portfolio needs to close in on.

Bonjour Giroud!

Olà Renaldo!

Ok now that we’re all paying attention, I want to talk about booties (no, not those ones), like football boots. What’s fabulous from a fashion perspective about this World Cup is the colour and style of the boots that are darting across Brazil’s football pitches. As far as functionality goes, apparently they are all much of muchness but you have to admire the design and aesthetic pleasance of this footwear.

Adidas has gone for the (rather passé) futuristic Battlepack models which are each promoted by a different player. Although the mostly black and white colour scheme resists clashing with team socks, they aren’t exactly memorable. However, news just in, they are currently the boots that have scored the most goals – over half of the 49 currently scored. Go out and impress your boyfriend(s) with that knowledge.

And Nike is being its usual show-offy self with these fluoro numbers, the Fly knit Magista boots, which I LOVE because they are knitted. This is not only innovated but allows a flurry of nana jokes to be unleashed, but is a revolution as far as material production and boot technology goes.

However, the winners on the pitch are these bi-coloured pairs from Puma. Puma only holds 8% of the global soccer market and is kitting out eight teams (compared with ten for Nike and nine for Adidas) and yet has managed to score so much publicity from these puppies. Called evoPower Tricks they are, as you can see, one pink, one blue shoe and funnily enough, no brand has ever had that at a World Cup before. These boots are marketed on a “dare to be different” sort of campaign and are doing their bit to shake up the dominance of Adidas and Nike on football’s world stage.

All I can say to that is pink shoes on hot men? Yes please Puma, yes please.

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Style File: Pharrell

He has reached such a zenith with his fame as to join the ranks of Beyoncé, Elvis and Elton in that the world knows his last name but never uses it. He has produced beats for Britney (another first-namer), Justine TImberlake and (fun fact of the day) produced Nelly’s Hot in Here. He was, until about two years ago, the hardest working man in music that everyone had sort of forgotten about.

Bring on 2013, which saw Get Lucky with Daft Punk, Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke and Happy. On June 29 he held the top two Billboard 100 spots with those first two. Pretty impressive.

But he only gets better: he apologised for the sexist involvement in Blurred Lines, cried on Oprah at the joy he had brought people, he’s doing some really good charity stuff and of course, he can rock a trend like nobody’s business.

When he first wore that ridiculous Viv Westwood hat we all thought he’d lost it, but by sheer repetition, it has been ingrained in our psyches as something cool and maybe even wearable. And I love that he has different colours for different outfits!

He’s not afraid to try patterns – yes men, PATTERNS! It is amazing how patterning on men can make them a style icon because it is deemed as so daring and different. It’s not hard and Pharrell has shown how teaming patterns with plains in the same colour is so swish.

Of course, in my books, the pièce de resistance of this mans wardrobe is his absolute AFFINITY for shorts. Shorts at the beach? Great. Shorts at a party? Exciting.

Shorts at a festival or album release? Ooh daring.

Shorts at the most glamorous red carpet event, the Oscars???????

BOOM! MIND BLOWN. Heart stolen. I don’t care what anyone says, he looked fantastic and it was so nice to see some legs on show from a man for a change.


Rock on Pharrell, rock on.

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I’m Dreaming of a RED Christmas..

Gingers. Definitively the most persecuted hair colour, whether in jest from friends, or in sincerity from enemies, there’s not doubt about it, it’s not easy being ginge.

The nicknames abound, the stereotypes flourish and by god they get freckly in the sun.

However, one clever artist has created his first solo exhibition on this very sad premise. As a stand against bullying and a rebuttal to the sexy red-headed female and inadequate red-headed male dichotemy, Thomas Knight’s exhibition RED HOT is on at The Gallery on Redchurch St, London until Dec 22.

This blog has always been a Prince Harry fan but now there is a bevvy of gorgeous ginger gents for us to goggle at – a mix of models and other babes. And my goodness are they a flaming hot sight to behold.

Oh and if you can’t get to the exhibition, don’t worry, there’s a calendar!

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How Can We Work This?

Kim K (I can’t believe I’m using her as inspiration now, but she’s totes topical) stepped out in this post-baby number causing the ladies mags to go into a cataclysmic frenzy (sigh):

It’s not the first time Kim has stepped out in the undies + lace combo. And it’s been happeneing with sheer fabrics for awhile. But could any mere mortal actually imagine walking down the street with bra and knickers on display? I certainly could not.

I still get pretty prudish/jealous when I see someone looking super sexy and casual in the black bra + sheer shirt combo

How come Kate Moss looks so classy, sexy and not in the least bit slutty here? Or is it just because she’s Kate Moss and I should be lowering my expectations?

I think SJP has it on the right track here by pairing her black bra with a demure (Louis Vuitton) pencil dress. BUT STILL so much on display!

And although this is such a sweet look, I don’t know anyone who would have the guts to wear it in public. Is this a trend that is destined to stay in the red carpet world of celebrities and the anything goes pavements of NYC?

Any thoughts? Help!

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Now We Are Really Nude

It’s a funny adjective, to describe something as nude, or “flesh coloured” for pantihose, Band-Aids, underwear or shoes. Kate Middleton’s L.K Bennett nude pumps are probably the most famous pair of beige heels on the planet, but are they really nude? No. Of course not.

The mainstream cosmetics market started doing a widespread variety of different skin shades to cater for any skin colour a while ago and Estee Lauder was applauded in 2011 for finally showing a multi-tonal cast in their advertisements.

And now, lo and behold, the genius of the heel, the master of the red sole, the shoe fetishist’s god, Christian Louboutin has created five shades of nude heels. Yeah, so they can actually be closer to skin colour than beigey pink.

There are few things this blogger loves more than fashion conscious, design innovation that promotes equality. And they’ve got the red sole, bien sûr!

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The Big Girl’s Dungarees

Try as I might, my body can no longer rock the dungarees that way my eight-year old self could. Dungarees, chunky in the front, waistless and made of thick denim are doing no body that’s not model thin a favour (am open to being contradicted on this).

Fear not, reminiscence has arrived in the form of the jumpsuit. I like to think of mine as my grown up classy lady dungarees. At a formal dinner party the other night, out of about 50 women in cocktail attire, to my delight there were four of us in jumpsuits! It is the perfect alternative to a dress if you want to stand out if you just suit having your legs outlined or you’re too lazy to wax/tan/deal with them. As my friend pointed out, you can also get away with having a play suit that’s much shorter than any respectable women would wear a skirt, for some reason, having the top made of the same fabric gives a nice “all covered up” look.

You only have to decide on a few things: colour, top style and leg shape: wide or skinny. Wide is better if you have butt issues, add some wedges and you’re good to go. Skinny legged and Chucks or stilettos = thumbs up.

Skinny legged

wide legged

Best high-street ones are definitely coming from TopShop at the moment.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking, because my Mum has already asked me: how do you go to the toilet? The answer: you pull it down like a swimsuit and just deal with it. I’m forced to do a little skinny-jeans-esque wriggle getting mine back up again but for the freedom of wearing pants and top without having to adjust either and a defined waist, soft fabric, adaptable and chic item, I’d do a lot more.

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I haven’t been so EXCITED by a show for quite a while. You know how a picture’s worth a thousand words, well, at Paris fashion week for Rick Owens’ S/S 14 show, a video must speak a million.

Sourcing steppers from uni campuses, Owens has finally put a new definition of the word original in the ever-striving world of fashion. There are so many positive and wonderful elements to this show.

It’s about time we saw something as performance-orientated as this and I hope this is the start of a new trend.

Full vid below, but for now appreciate the clothing AND the sense of performance:


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